Gunawan Wijaya

Hi there, my name is Gunawan, spelled goo — nah — one 🔊

Need a backsound? here, play a dickbutt song 🔊

I do many things, from Front End to Big Spoon

I sketch, tinker, eat, dream, and sleep

W Left W Right


90's boy, half normal, half stupid, yet still alive — 🌏 🦄 ⚡️ 🔥 ✨ 🐉

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PROS: have strong sense of justice, firm heart and beooty-lover.

CONS: weak against cryptonite and those piercing eyes of yours.


Timeline (not so accurate, but well, why not)

Dec 1991

Born in this world, naked

Dec 1991 - June 1995

Fooling around, eat, sleep, poop

June 1995 - June 1997


June 1997 - June 2003

Primary School

June 2003 - June 2006

Secondary School

June 2003 - June 2009

High School

Aug 2009

Enroll in STTS
Major of Computer Science

Student ID #209115864

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Web Developer

@ Expert Tour & Travel Agency

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

Web Developer

@ Kata - Ayo Membaca

Mar 2013 - Sep 2013

Final Project “Home Automation System using Raspberry Pi”

Nov 2013

Happily graduated from STTS

Gunawan Wijaya, S.Kom.

Nov 2013 - May 2014

Web Developer

@ PT. Agung Greenland Property

Jan 2015 - Sep 2015

Job hunt & freelance:


Curriculum Vitae on PDF

Below is the list of my project, click the image to enlarge, or click the link to see the live site.*

🐻 * Note: Bear with me, that there is a chance that some of these live sites is down.

2012 — freelance

One of my very first project as freelancer on web stuff. The project is a company profile for preschool education that teach kids to read and spell (not magic or witchcraft!). The owner is requesting a rework for this project on early 2015 after I leave the project.

2012 — freelance

Yet another one of the very first project. Got this project from my relatives to make a company profile and customer service conversation using Yahoo! Messenger, yup, YM is a thing back then, with custom button user can see a specific user is active or not. On early 2015 this project is also asked for a rework.

2013 — I'm focus on my Internship and Final Project

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

This time serving a client, he is a restaurant owner in Bali, Italian, friends with boss, want to revamp the homepage of their lovely restaurant, putting a lot of effort and patience (you know, everyday my eyes is looking at CALAMARI E GAMBERI and GRAN FUSILLI AI QUATTRO FORMAGGI E CRUDO — holy mother of God).

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

The client is a villa owner in Lombok, he want a nice video of his place and luxury looking website, so the basic update is fullpage video background on the home screen, different image on certain pages. This one, the logic is quite simple but required much attention to detail and so many test, some best practice is in mobile decided to use still image instead of video, also not all menu is shown on mobile. After a while they want to stop using video as background.

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

Spotbyte is one of company subsidiary office, focus on SEO and Web Development process. The mission is to redesign a company profile website that the prior is looks old and no fun. Then team decided to make a new theme flavor, that is one-page scroll website, quite cool but complicated. I dare you to try it.

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

Buddyguard is a company that sells the Anti Mosquito kindof stuff, what is weird that in this project, they request to add a minigame that can grant user a promotional code. Just a simple clicking game. At first, its lagging, like hell, my co-worker ask why not use a game engine? what the hell, that's too overkill dude. In the end, yet another abandoned project.

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

This time I learned a little stuff about design and usability, been working with designer open up my mind to a certain degree. This project is a mockup for booking a water taxi based on Venice (since my boss is an Italian), design process is quite intriguing tho but in the end boss said to abandon this one. #SAD

2014 — PT. Omnia Media

This is a funny project, also weird. My boss want to sell a product, a mini video player with some interactive button to play a certain movie animation. The story about how to do something with dentist. The requirement is a shopping cart, ability to choose animation and picture, etc. After the website is ready, the product is still always on prototype phase, so yes, you can guess. Yet another abandoned project.

2015 — freelance

Got this project also from my relatives, the owner, friends of my relatives is considering to integrate the shop and warehouse, he sells imported machine, any kind of machine. This project were using a simple POST and GET request to render data with a lot of Javascript function.

2015 — freelance

This is an illegal project, well at that time I need a lot, lot, lot of monies. My friend and I got an offer from underclassman, stating that he needs a help for his final project. THANK GOD, he dropout of college and the project is abandoned. Cool Javascript function on this project is ability to tag a specific location on the image, that placing the tag (square on the figure above) consistent and accurate to the image on any screen size.

2015 — VI8E Interactive Pte Ltd

This project is a simple application to show Instagram post with hashtags #SingaporeInvites. At first, boss want to make portal like, this time I learned about public API, user access and how to work with usage limit

2015 — VI8E Interactive Pte Ltd

The task is to create a new skin for Giant Singapore Online Shopping Mall — — based on yii framework using the reference from themeforest, the skin will be break on certain category, might have a sub-category and have shopping cart functionality. Problem is the database take a long time to read, also nesting list on mobile view and category header.

2016 — Maven Lab Pte Ltd

On this project, my task is to provide a logic on homescreen 3x3 tiles flipping animation. Actually a quite simple jQuery function to flip 3 tiles, but the request often changed, communication between client and company and developer is quite complicated. Now, everything seems fine.

2016 — Maven Lab Pte Ltd

This time, my task is to update some logic on mailing service, not visible from usual activity. Using Drupal 7 and manage user is quite interesting for me, building a logic and stuff make me feels so much smarter (well this is just a feeling guys, not actual smarter). BTW this project is a government project, any violation might be ended in federal issue, so no kidding this time.

2016 — Maven Lab Pte Ltd

Prime Minister's Office Singapore (PMO) is one of government project that managed by company, using Drupal, and Bootstrap theme. This project is a pretty big, the company outsource some part of it, like design and debug. working as a team is important and working time management is required.

2016 — Maven Lab Pte Ltd

National Climate Change Competition (NCCS) is another project of Singapore government. The task is to make minisite for 2016 competition period, need to log the user YouTube videos and able to choose between competition and announcement period. Working great any screen size and using lightbox to highlight videos, not to mention the nice color composition (kudos to the designer).